Jw Resource Not Found In The Watchtower Library

Resources Not Found In The Watchtower Library

The resources on this site are limited by design. It is not an exhaustive listing of all of the information that can be found on the topic of the Watchtower Organization by far. Instead we chose to list a few of the most informative and relevant sites on topics such as doctrine, history, news, pedophilia, and discussions…watchtower library

We believe that these sites will clear up many questions you may have without pushing you toward one direction or an other.

     These links concerning “The Watchtower Society” provides information that you won’t find in the watchtower library we hope that  they will be helpful in pointing you in the direction of the truth. 

     QUESTION: Is it possible that “Everything” posted online about The Watchtower Organization are lies? The internet is full of information: Not all of it is true therefore it stands that not all of it is false either. These links are provided for Jehovah’s Witnesses that are confused about “The Truth” and looking for answers. The Watchtower Organization has quite a history. Make up your own mind about what that means.

watchtower library

  • Six Screens Rick Fearen: host a live conference call every Saturday at 5:30 eastern standard time (712) 432-8710 Pin:9925# or you can call the hotline for help (978)-710-9815 Anonymous! – Finnaly listen to the archived programs your choice!
  • jwsurvey John Cedar: has relativily up to date news concerning The Watchtower Organization, awesome videos and a common sense view of the topics at hand.
  • Watchtower Documents Barbra Anderson: is a former researcher at the Bethel headquarters. This site will load your boat concerning the history of jw.org there are tons of older books and articles for you to research for yourself.
  • Silent lambs Bill Bowen: Former Elder runs this organization which provides counseling, legal, financial and other resources for victims of (sexual) abuse and works to expose the perpetrators of these crimes and their enablers.
  • Jwfacts Paul Grundy: Runs this site that provides and index of older Watchtower publications which have been scanned and made available on the Internet. Not all publications are available but they go back as far as 1889.

  • JWN Simon Green: Jehovah-Witness.net is one of the largest discussion board with thousands of members. Here you can meet other Ex- and current Jw’s discussing current topics, doctrine, or just make new friends there is just too much to mention go ahead and check it out. Watchtower Library
  • Watchtower lies Jonathan Lavoie: As with the other sites this site has a lot of information on the Watchtower history and doctrine but we chose this site for the subliminal images on it however a lot of the images are subjective while others are as clear as day. Again make up your own mind.
  • Free Minds Randy Waters: We chose this site for the multiple hard to find audio clips such as speeches by Nathan H. Knorr, C.T. Russell, and Hayden Covington… 

Watchtower Library






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