Jehovah Witness Beliefs Challenged Audio

Jehovah Witness Beliefs

     It is no secret that the Jehovah Witness beliefs are unique. It is for this reason we have made available a few audio recordings that challenge the doctrine and authority of the Watchtower Society. These audio are presented for thinking individuals to evaluate for them selves as to what the truth is.

jehovah witness beliefs

David Reed: In the first half of this audio David explains why he quit being a Jehovah’s Witness in the second half he explains what the bible teaches about God using an organization. Does God use and organization↓


Bill Cetnar: Bill Cetnar the founder The Witnesses now for Jesus conference in Pennsylvania shares the many false prophecies in the history of The Watchtower Society. Is The Watchtower a false prophet↓ Jehovah Witness beliefs


Walter Martin: Walter Martin the father of cult ministry refutes the Watchtower teaching the Jesus was raised spiritually. The Resurrection bodily or spiritually↓ 


Julius Mantey: The Watchtower Society often sites scholars to backup their teachings however concerning the passage in John 1:1 The scholar Dr Julius Mantey himself denies that he agrees with the interpretation of the Watchtower Society. John 1:1 The word was a god↓


Gordon: Who really is the faithful and discrete slave? This is the passage the Watchtower Society used to prove their authority over the flock, but are they right? The faithful and discrete slave and Watchtower authority↓


Frank Sankey: Are blood transfusions forbidden in the Bible as The Jehovah’s Witnesses teach? Listen to this audio and make up your own mind. Are blood transfusions forbidden↓


Frank Sankey: The Watchtower has a pamphlet called “Should You Believe In The Trinity” (Which is no longer in print by the way). Frank goes through the pamphlet showing how the WT misused the quotes in their pamphlet. Should you believe in the Trinity↓ Jehovah Witness beliefs


John Cedar: John rebuts Tony Morris’s speech on shunning and gives reasons why it is not Biblical. This audio was downloaded from youtube, because the file size went over the allowed size for this site we had to edit it down by half in order to list it here John covers a lot more in his video click here to listen the entire talk. Shunning is it Biblical↓ Jehovah Witness beliefs


Rick Fearon: One of the largest attractions and attendants in Kingdom Halls around the world is the “Memorial Service” also known as “The Lords Supper”. While Christians partake in obedience to Jesus command, most Jehovah’s Witnesses observe the event according to the teaching of the Watchtower. This audio will shed some light on the subject for those who want a clear understanding of the celebration. For those of you who have never partook and are not yet comfortable entering a “Church” the audio does have a traditional Lords Supper celebration for your participation. Click here to listen to the full audio. The Memorial Celebration↓







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