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     You will notice that teachings listed here are taught by a variety of pastors, teachers, and students of the scripture. Our gold is to be biblically sound not denominationally partial.
     We have uploaded a few bible teachings on the topic of “The Gospel” by different teachers. Why? Because we wanted to show that the true gospel is not denominational, it is universal. Understanding the simple truths of the gospel will help lead you in your christian walk. The fact is no one has complete biblical understanding however your understanding of doctrine should not be organizationally approved but scripturally sound. 
    If you have been tough that no one can know that they are saved, listen to the audio recordings below to hear what the bible says about that. Any words highlighted blue are links to that teachers website for your convenience.

bible teachings

I know the tab you clicked on read audio. But hey we couldn’t pass up this 1 video that quickly explains faith versus works.


Hank Lindstrom: (How permanent is salvation?) Although Dr Hank has passed his teaching live on. You will enjoy this teaching on salvation. Salvation↓


James Knox: (Romans 4) Paster James is a powerful speaker (don’t let that scare you off) he has a deep understanding of scripture and a common sense way of explaining it. The lesson learned is very sound and easy to understand. Gospel↓


Scott Johnson: (True Salvation) Here’s one you may want to open up your bible for. It is a detailed study of salvation↓ most of it is scripture reading. You may want to give it a once over before getting into the study. This study was initially 3 hours long if you want to hear the whole study click Here


Joseph Prince: (Can you loose your salvation? Taken from Heb. 6:4-19) Although we believe Paster Prince to be a word of faith preacher, many of his teachings are biblically sound. We have edited this teaching down in order to extract the pertinent information. You may listen to the full teaching by clicking here. Salvation↓



Unknown: (Nice people really do go to hell) Somehow this speaker approaches the topic of hell with humor which is a hard thing to do. However he has accomplished it while explaining why nice people really do go to hell↓


Jay Hess: (Trinity Explained) Jay has a way for making hard to understand bible teachings understandable as you will no doubt discover in this Trinity explanation↓ This audio was edited down, to listen to the whole discussion click here


Dr Scott Johnson: (King James defended) Although the bible version you use is not what we would consider falling under the category of bible teachings it nevertheless is and important subject. Dr Johnson shares information on Westcott & Hort the 2 men that translated the revised version of 1881 which is the bases of all the modern day bible versions.This audio is edited down to listen to the whole teaching click here King James Defended↓


Paster Steven Anderson: This audio is edited sown to listen to the whole teaching go to (Bible versions examined) The bible is the bases of which we build our faith so it is incumbent on us to make sure that someone is not trying to deceive us with faulty versions. By now you may have heard that the New World Translation is one of the worst translations out there. But have you ever heard the controversy surrounding the newer translations? If not you may want to listen to this audio for a brief overview of the subject. We realize that this is a sensitive topic but again you decide what it means. Bible Versions↓



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