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  Christian Resources:

     Glad to see you! Learning the faith is a lifelong process, we hope that these links will help in that endeavor once again we use audio when available. We also need to mention that although the sites chosen are biblically sound we realize that no one agrees on everything so your study of scripture is imperative. Search the scriptures to see if it is so!

christian resources

Crosstalk America: We chose Crosstalk America for the current events information that is probed through a biblical prospective. Crosstalk uploads its audio to the Sermon Audio website where you will have access to thousands of sermons at your fingertips. Current Events!


Blueletterbible: When choosing christian resources to leave this one out would be negligent. The Blue Letter Bible gives you access to commentary, dictionaries, devotionals, studies, concordance, and a whole lot more. This site is surly a resource you will go back to over and again. Personal Bible Study!


Messianic Perspectives: (Gary Hedrick) is a messianic Jew (A jew who believes in Jesus) who shares bible teachings through jewish eyes, he has insight on the traditions and perspectives of the first century Jewish people. Gary uploads his audio to this site called one place which also has thousands of christian resources to help you grow in your walk. Jewish Perspective!


Running To Win: (Dr. Erwin Lutzer) former Moody Bible Institute President is an awesome teacher he shares his lifelong learning with the listener in a succinct and story telling manner. Sermons by Topic!






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